Steve Brazell is one of America’s most sought-after Brand Strategists and Reputation Crisis Mangers. In an over-crowded and hyper-competitive world, Steve is an Agent of Clarity; helping brands focus, and tell a sharper and more compelling brand story.

Headquartered in New York City, Steve founded the Competition Removal Firm Hitman Inc 25 years ago, and works with leading global brands and celebrities such as: IBM, Intel, Kevin Costner, Keyshawn Johnson, Fitness Magazine, Time Inc., Microsoft, Warner Brothers, and Walt Disney.

Steve is the author of “Clear! The simple guide to keeping your business alive and kicking,” and “Break Through the Cash Ceiling” in Men’s Health magazine. He is the developer of Limelight, the worlds first patent-pending online brand builder, and Whetstone, the first branding engine built for the Department of Defense. Steve was named one of Esquire’s 45 Under 45 Professional Men, is fluent in Japanese, and an avid student of body language, human behavior, and the martial arts.

As time allows, Steve presents to professional groups on Brand Strategy and the Art of Persuasion. He has been rated in the top 1% of speakers and listed as “most thought-provoking” and “most life-changing.”

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As the founder of JetBlack Studio, Steve believes that still and moving images are the most powerful way to communicate and tell a personal or brand story. Whether at home in New York City or traveling abroad, Steve seeks to capture provocative and unique images that will emotionally transport the viewer and tell a more memorable story.

Steve Brazell | Botswana, Africa.

Steve Brazell | Botswana, Africa.